Half of your buyers find amazing products to buy.

FIND.Fashion has the solution for the other half.

Our Visual Language for Search helps your customers find products that inspire.

Fashion is visual, search is not. Until now. Introducing the world’s first Visual Search Language for fashion:


Makes it easy to find the right products even when you don’t have the right words

Anticipates what you’re going to look for next

Works across cultures and languages

40% more products found. Faster.

Fashion ecommerce loses half of its sales to broken search. We fixed that by making search more visual and intuitive than ever.

Using the latest visual and AI technology developed by our team of industry experts, your customers can easily go straight to the right products and get the right suggestions. Sorting through thousands of search results is so last decade.

When you search for:

“Casual Smart Office Dress”

Accurate with FIND.Fashion’s
visual search

Irrelevant with
text-based search

Which retailer would you shop at - with FIND.Fashion, or without?

“The products became more interesting, more exciting. It felt like it could read my mind!”

FIND.Fashion user


Meet The Team

Team consists of 21 people of AI, design, fashion, marketing and tech across Europe.

Heikki Haldre


Prior to founding Fits.me, had companies in ecommerce and fashion retail - all were acquired. Led Fits.me to 120-strong across several countries. He is a founding partner at The Exit Academy.

Paul Pällin

Chief Scientist

19 years in technology innovation and 13 years of technical fashion expertise. At Fits.me, his team of data scientists found a new way to understand fashion algorithmically.

Diana Saarva


Built the operations function for Fits.me and managed eCommerce at Stylebop – a luxury fashion retailer in Germany. Diana founded Retail Recharged, the UK’s premier conference series for the retail’s Director-level.

Gholamreza Anbarjafari
Head of AI

In 2013, founded ICV Research Lab, now the leading (top 1%) AI human behaviour lab in Europe, ensuring access to the top AI expertise.

Born at the world’s 6th largest ecommerce platform


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